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Breeding and selection of Jack Russell Terrier

I have been involved with Jack Russells for more than twenty years, before this fantastic dog became renowned, but I had never actually owned one; Romeo was the Jack who had pulled my grandmother out of her sorrow after the passing of my grandfather: they were so ‘together’ that the great grandkids started calling her Granny Memeo!! Romeo isn’t with her any more and she’s approaching 90’s in the company of Giulietta, Romeo’s daughter.

For my 40th birthday she gave me Molly, a white-tan puppy with an irresistible face; a joy for my 4 children. In September 2007 Molly had her first litter; the experience was so wonderful, we decided we wanted more and thus began the idea of complementing our  other agricultural activities with a JRT kennel. After having increased my knowledge of this adorable breed, I came to realize that today it was senseless to breed only from English blood lines; it is necessary to study and use Australian lines as our breed standard has been written in that country. The (British) Kennel Club still considers the Jack Russell as a working breed, whereas the Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC) considers it a show dog. The British blood lines are apt for aptitude tests (TAN), burrow, agility, coursing, etc.; the Australian lines are more apt for bench shows.