All Jacks Kennel


Our dogs love children and all people in general, and you will see this when you come and visit. Our JRT interact well with other dogs and can be taught to respect other animals, as long as they are taught how to behave.

We will tell you all you need to know about dogs, and more. All our dogs have pedigrees going back 3 or 4 generations; puppies are sold with a proper contract.

We want you to meet our dogs but we also want to meet you and your family. We care for our dogs and want to know where, how and with whom they will live for the rest of their lives. Please do not feel offended if we will ask you questions like:

Are you active people? Jack Russells like to work for you and run loads of km for you. The more active you are the better as far as JRTs are concerned. You are about to introduce an extremely energetic dog into your life!

Do you have a strong character? Do you have firn attitude with the dog?Terriers are very independent working dogs and need a master with a tougher character than theirs

Are you thinking of formally training your puppy?

Do you know how long it takes to have a well educated dog? In the beginning, a lot of your time will be spent educating your dog. Were you aware of the fact that Jacks are convinced they are 2 meters tall, and act accordingly? You will have a small dog in a large package!

Have you had dogs in the past? What happened to them? A dog is for life! People who no longer want their dog because the dog is no good anymore, have to have a good and long explanation for this.

Are you willing to be put to shame by your Jack Russell? You will certainly not be the first who waits in vain, whistling for their dog to come back to them whilst it is happily running after a rabbit or some other animal. People will stare at you rest assured!

What is the composition of your family? Do you have children? How old are they?

Do you have a full time job? If so, where would your dog be staying whilst you are gone during the day? Will he be left alone all the time? If the dog will be staying alone for 8 or more hours every day, we surely will not give you one of our puppies!

If you work part-time, we will want to know how many hours you will be gone: is it half a day every day or two full days a week? Do you have an alternative to keeping your dog alone all day?

A dog that whines or barks all the time whilst you are gone, will be a nuisance for you and your neighbours. In the end the dog will be the victim of this situation, and it might be forced to move or worst yet, be euthanized! Dogs are pack animal who need companionship; not like cats who don’t mind spending time on their own.

If you deem the above questions to be ridiculous, please don’t bother to call us; if, on the other hand you think “these people really love their dogs and will go out of their way to find them proper families”, you will always be welcome.

We refuse to sell dogs to minors and we want to make sure both parents want the dog; it’s the adults who will ultimately educate and take care of the dog. A child might be willing to help but cannot be made responsible for the puppy’s whole education and well being. A child is usually not very firm and disposed.

This has nothing to do with affection but only to the ability to educate a dog. A MISBEHAVED JACK RUSSELL IS A REAL NUISANCE!!

If you agree with our philosophy you can be added to the waiting list for the next litter. Jack Russell Terriers are very popular at the moment and most of the reputable breeders have a waiting list. If you are in a hurry, may we suggest you contact another breeder.

We do not wish to compete with other kennels so we suggest you visit more than one breeder before making a decision. We strive to match sound, healthy puppies with serious owners.

Wherever you go, please look around, ask all the questions you want; a reputable breeder will love to show you around, will be proud to talk about his dogs, he loves them all. If on the other hand you deem that the situation is not ideal, search somewhere else. Never buy a puppy on impulse! Remember, a dog is for life!

Now it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with all this information; we hope to have enlightened you somehow. If you wish to know more, please do not hesitate to call or write to us.


Are you ready for a Jack?